Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Waiting for that big envelope...

I got a tiny little envelope from the University of Alabama today, and I almost had several heart attacks before I saw that it wasn't a rejection letter, just a "WTF?!" from the financial aid office who received my FAFSA information and wondered why they were getting that stuff for a person who didn't even go there.

In other news, I have a job interview with the school distict in Idaho Falls next month!  Okay, it's actually a scheduled time to appear at a hiring fair and be interviewed, but it is still cool.  I am also applying for a job at a brand new charter school in Nampa, right next to Boise.  The job description sounds a little intimidating--the requirements for dress and comportment seem pretty stringent--but the classical model on which they base their curricula sounds interesting.

Besides that, things are boring; that's why I took two weeks off from blogging.  It looks like things are going to stay boring, at least until I get some big envelopes in the mail, so stop waiting at your computer pressing refresh every other minute to see if I've updated.  Those are hours you can never get back.