Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Retro-Posted Puzzler

Here is your Thursday Puzzler:

Anthony is hosting Thanksgiving this year. He invited his family (Amanda, Hunter, Megan, Julia, Jose, Matthew, Alexis, and David) to his house. His grandfather, his aunt, his brother, his grandmother, his father, his sister, his mother, and his uncle all had a great time at his house!Figure out how each person is related to Anthony and make a family tree.

In the afternoon, all of the men were watching football. Amanda, Alexis, Julia, and Megan were talking and not watching football.

1. Matthew is Anthony's father.
2. Hunter is Anthony's brother.
3. Julia has no children.
4. David is Matthew's father.
5. Alexis is Matthew's sister.
6. Hunter is Julia's brother.
7. Megan is not Anthony's grandmother.

Answer to last Thursday's Puzzler:

He should have said "three." The password referred to the number of letters in the number given.

1 comment:

deidre said...

You call this puzzling? Come on!

David: grandfather
Amanda: grandmother
Matthew: father
Megan: mother
Jose: uncle
Alexis: aunt
Hunter: brother
Julia: sister

Solution time: approximately 2 minutes. Ha!