Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In which "Audience Participation Monday" happens on a Tuesday (again)

In honor of the poetry going on at Tyson's blog today, Audience Participation Monday is an activity I like to call


It is probably the simplest one of these that we've done. You just make a sentence using some kind of animal name and some other word that rhymes with it. An even easier way to explain would be to give some examples.

"There are APES in the DRAPES!"
The frog lived in the peat bog.

...and so on. Mine are pretty tame, although it gives me a giggle to imagine someone's fine velvet curtains infested with primates. Let's see what else we can come up with!


Brannon said...

Why must I wait for the sapien late
Monday I anticipate
Tuesday I participate

(it counts)

Tammy said...

The Shakespearean drama starred a llama.

Tyson said...

High on a rock sat a big fat marmot

Soaking up the midday sun

And though there were no predators up there to harm it

He whistled at me as though I were one

Tyson said...

I once read of Torry tapir

whose nose had been hacked with a rapier

wielded by a disconsolate slug
who became quite a thug

Upon reading the Letters of Drapier

(Look it up; I'm friggin' brilliant!)

Brannon said...

The exotic Lyger
My animal favorite
Thought it was a spider
'till somebody shaved it

hairless and shaken
began to complain
the razor had taken
even his mane

but truth still evaded
the fake arachnid
his legs numered 4
as his parents did

Tammy said...

Ok, dammit. Erin's simple, one- sentence rhyming game has become a Brannon vs. Tyson animal poetry smackdown.

I will weigh in with my own verse later...all sweaty from running right now and must shower, cuz I
OH-fend...(sniffs armpit)...damn!

Elaine said...

The suffering ardvark
sat upon the beaver bark
aboard the ancient ark
complaining to a lark.

"Shut up!" mewed the kit.
"I'm down here dodging shit.
No one built a toilet."
"Indeed," said the basslet.

What was Noah thinking?
He must have been drinking?
What was God thinking?
He knew of Noah's drinking!

"Shut up!" mewed the kit
"I'm down here dodging shit.
Someone build a toilet."
"Call for help," cried the eaglet.

"What will I do?" said Noah
When he saw the protozoa.
"Send out the dove" said the boa.
"She'll find you some land," Noah.

"Hurry up!" mewed the kit.
"A rainbow!" yelled an egret.
"Thanks, I guess," mewed the kit,
"but, we need a fucking toilet."

Elaine said...

This is great fun, Erin! Good idea.

Tammy said...


The crazy, mixed up, backwards-flying bat
Flew into the wall with a satisfying SPLAT!
He thought he'd dodged death,
But as he struggled for breath,
He was gobbled up by a stray cat.

Brannon said...


The donkey thought himself a genius
but didnt' know how to spell penius
made Boston his home
and with his big bone
was slaved to the fetish of seniors


Tyson said...

Once there was a was a slumming nerd

who captured a poor humming bird
and consequently ate him all up

while gaming at Hatter's shop
he wouldn't let matters drop

and wound up with nothing on which to sup

huckabayda said...


An open letter
To the squirrels in my bed:
Quarrel elsewhere please!

huckabayda said...

I think some participants are stretching the rules a bit. Aren't the rhymed pairs supposed to include the animal words? Rhyming poems with animal names in them wouldn't count if this were MY blog.

Don't mean to be a rigid pigeon about it.

("Rigid" and "pigeon" are a slant rhyme on purpose. To those who think they're cleverer, I say bring it on!)

Tammy said...

Nobody be cleverer than Huckabayda. She weareth the crown!