Saturday, August 16, 2008

I guess I'll just go to bed early, then.

The two most compelling programs on all my 800 channels of digital cable during the 10 p.m. PDT time slot this evening are:

1. EL INFIERNO: LLAMAS SOBRE BERLIN, which I think translates to "Hell: The Sober Llamas of Berlin," on Telemundo.  I imagine it's the gripping tale of teetotaling camelids in 1920s Berlin who become ensnared in the ever-tightening noose of fascist persecution.  Which sounds exciting, but really, my Spanish is pretty bad.

2. A documentary on the History Channel discussing the seven most likely scenarios for the annihilation of the human race that has the balls to place "black holes" and "artificial intelligence" among the more probable (and more solveable) "nuclear war" and "climate change."

Fuck the History Channel.  There are so many more likely world-ending scenarios out there than black holes and AI:

1. Republicans.

2. The ideology of the nation-state.

3. Giant multinational corporations that dehumanize workers by making them robot slaves.

4. Free-market capitalism.

And so on.

Anyway, I'm almost 28 now, and I guess I'm too old to be thinking about staying up much past ten on a Saturday, anyways.

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Tyson said...

You make me immeasurably happy, old lady! :)
I miss you mucho, happy birthday!