Friday, July 31, 2009

I just want to go on the record as saying...

  1. Insurance itself is a pretty socialist system. We all put money in a pool, and that pool is supposed to pay for others' injuries, property damage, or whatever, with the expectation that all the other premium payers help you when you need it. (After the Clinton "healthcare reform" in the 90s, though, it turned into just another big business.)

  2. Medicare is a great example of a socialized medical system that delivers basic coverage and keeps costs down. If you don't agree with a public insurance option, write your congressman and tell him to oppose Medicare. That'll give his staff a giggle.

  3. Veterans' care. See above.

  4. How can you take seriously a congressman (congressperson?) who lobbies against a public insurance system when he himself is covered by such a system? I don't think any of them pull out their Aetna card when they go to their doctors. It bothers me that these people rely on a government-administered insurance plan can accept campaign money from insurance companies, then deny regular people even the option for such a plan.

Ugh. I'm writing this here because I'm tired of yelling it at my computer screen or people on the TV.

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Erin's Mom said...

I'm going to follow your example and read the healthcare bill. Unfortunately, Medicare is not perfect, never will be - I could stand on that soapbox for hours. What I do know is that huge profits are being made from our healthcare dollars by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and a myriad of others. As long as healthcare is "profitable," not much will really change.