Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Way to Go, Arizona!

Trent Franks is a fucktard.


How much of this rhetoric do we need before we see our first assassination attempt from the nutjobs who buy into this shit, do you think?

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Erica said...

It sounds disturbing, and it made me mad, but I wonder how different it is from comments said about Bush when he was president. I'm not sure if any member of Congress said anything this extreme, but certainly I heard Bush compared to Osama Bin Laden and more.

What makes it scary I guess is that people on the extreme right are more likely to own guns, less likely to be intelligent, and also tend to hate anyone who isn't like them.

In response to Trent, we can now fund abortions in other countries for things like ectopic pregnancies, which otherwise kill women. I guess he prefers women to bleed out and die?