Monday, June 12, 2006

Summer Vacation, day 3

It's officially the third day of my first-ever non-working-but-paychecks-are-still-coming summer vacation, and I think I may be out of things to do.

It's not that I don't have plans, like, in general, I just don't really have much of a plan for those stretches of time in between meals and naps.

Here's what I have going on: trying to loose weight, a rock-climbing-job-interviewing-grizzly-bear-seeing (hopefully!)-camping-hiking trip to Idaho and Wyoming, two surgeries for the skin cancer on my nose, a short climbing-and-clubbing trip to California, a solo birthday trip in August, three-times-a-week yoga, and getting things together for next year. It may sound like a whole lot, but here I am at 8am on a Tuesday just waiting for my next high-protein meal (#2 of 6).

So my plan is this: because my few friends already (and very patiently, I might add) listen to me going on about all this stuff, and they don't really care all that much because a) they have problems/projects/successes/children of their own to worry about, or b) they are not teachers and therefore cannot sympathize with problems stemming from getting a regular paycheck without having to do any actual work, I can tell you, the reader, about my summer vacation without having to endure the looks of polite boredom I get from my friends.


huckabayda said...

May I suggest a neat summer activity that is fun for the whole family?

Send my package, biotch!

Erin said...

hmmmm...I'd be a little nicer to me if I wanted to find GOOD things in said package!