Friday, February 23, 2007

And people still ask me why I left Lubbock...

Tyson was in Lubbock this past week, where a group of Chippendale's dancers were arrested for "simulating sex acts." The truth of the matter is that this particular group had performed in places much less renowned for an atmosphere of sexual liberation: Lamesa, Brownfield, and other small West Texas towns.

For the Lubbock show, the booking agent filed for all the appropriate permits and even attempted to check with the police department beforehand, but no one from LPD ever called back. When the doors opened for the first of 3 sold-out shows at Jake's Sports Bar, two dozen officers were standing around. About a half hour into the performance, officers arrested the 8 dancers for violating city ordinances by, apparently, blowing on a woman's neck while also not wearing a shirt. A friend of Tyson's said that the performers were cuffed and marched to waiting police vehicles in leg irons. They were released the next day and all charges were dropped.

Maybe the officers just didn't understand what a "blow job" is.

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