Monday, February 26, 2007

Two Truths and a Lie

It's time for a game. Here's how it works. After reading this post, go to the "people who like me" (i.e., comments) link at the bottom of this post. That opens up the comments gadget, for those of you who haven't tried it yet. In your comment, rather than your usual glowing remarks about by wittiness and good looks, you will type 3 sentences. Two of them should be true statements about yourself and your life. One will be a lie that sounds true. It doesn't matter what order they are in.

This game is meant to be played as a kind of icebreaker for classes or co-workers to get to know each other. It becomes much more difficult when you're dealing with people who have known you all your life or live in the same house.

Here are mine:
1. I won't eat water chestnuts because of the sound they make when I chew them.
2. I named my cat Calamity Jane after the HBO show Deadwood.
3. The biggest scar I have is from dog food.

A few caveats on your lie: Don't say something like "My birthday is August 18th" when it is actually the 17th. That's a technicality, not a lie, and it's just not as fun that way. Yes, your goal is to stump my other five readers, but they shouldn't feel cheated if you do.

After you've done that, check back here to see who else said what. You can leave another comment if someone got the right answer, or you can email me at erinhdowney at cox dot net and I'll post the results next week. Have fun!


Erica said...

1. I love melons, particularly cantaloupe.
2. I became a Buddhist a few months ago.
3. I recently ordered a mini-trampoline.

Tyson said...

1. I am a big Wilson Phillips fan.

2. I named our dog Sebastian after
a guy that beat me in a poker

3. I am a convicted felon.

Deidre said...

1. I am the proud owner of three vinyl Buddy Holly albums.

2. I just got hired yesterday, so you can just shut up Erin--gah!

3. I'm addicted to Stonyfield Farms banilla yogurt.

Tyson said...

OK, there's NO WAY you got a job yesterday.... too easy. :P

Erin said...

So, Deidre, they were looking for someone who wasn't going to give them any sass? ;)

Erin said...

Erica's is the cantaloupe, if I remember right.

Erica said...

How can you possibly remember that? That is disturbing.

Even though I have not spent a great deal of time with Tyson, I can't imagine that he would be a Wilson Phillips fan.

Tyson said...

What's not to like about Wilson Phillips?!

Tyson said...

3 more...

1. I took my mom's vibrator to

2. I've slept in a coffin

3. I've met Eric Clapton

chglass said...

I think Erin's is the cat name. Tyson never met Eric Clapton. Deidre does not have any Buddy Holly albums.

Here are mine:
1. I refuse to eat Girl Scout cookies.
2. I've stood next to George W. Bush, in person.
3. I was once bitten by a monkey.

Erin said...

Erica, I seem to remember you having a quasi-pathological fear of cantaloupe, so yes, it kind of stands out.
Deidre--if I can imagine in my head exactly how you would sound if you were speaking, does that count? Maybe that can be your koan this week.

Tammy said...

K, here goes --

1. I think the sexiest parts of a man's body are his forearms. One can only conclude from this that Popeye turns me on.
2. I don't eat anything with square edges --- no square sandwiches, crackers, toaster pastries, nothing. Corners on food freak me out.
3. My mother only has one eye. She named her glass eye "Carroll" after a gay man she was once in love with.

Tyson said...

Certain mother's-in-Law are dead wrong... (but still very cool)
I HAVE met Eric Clapton, at an AA meeting in Dallas years ago. :)

And here's 3 more

1. I hitchhiked home alone in a blizzard when I was 7 because I missed the last shuttlebus.

2.I used to hide in my closet for hours on end as a little kid, to see if anyone would notice I was missing.

3. I pushed my sister off a snowbank on the way to school and she broke her collarbone.

Tyson said...

Oh, and Tammy...
I know you're slightly neurotic, but I don't buy the square-corners thing. :)

For those you of who aren't Erin, Tammy is a friend of mine from waaaaaay back; don't let her fool you.

Tyson said...

And finally, your Moms...
I'd guess that Charlotte's is the monkey.... though I'd imagine it's hard to tell the difference between a monkey and GW Bush cut and paste this link and decide for yourself:

Erin said...

Awright, moms, I know it isn't the cookies because I had to get the cookie gene from somewhere. And Tyson's mom got some weird monkey-bite disease, so what are the odds that both of you got monkey-bit. I'm going to have to go with #2, because I don't think you could stand next to Dubya without kicking him in the shins.

Tammy said...

My, my Tyson, aren't you just the smarty pants? Some things to consider, however:

a) When we shared meals together on your recent Lubbock trip, did you ever see me eat anything square?
b) And if I DID partake of anything with edges (i.e. tortilla chips), do you recall whether or not I broke the corners off of them first before putting them in my mouth?
c) And finally, do you recall that I suggested we eat at a certain quirky Greek hamburger joint because they served a ROUND hotdog sandwich? I mean, come on, what normal person recommends a restaurant based on the roundness of their frankfurters?

Just some things to ponder. Oh, and I don't think you ever broke your sister's collarbone. Too mundane.

Tyson said...

I think you're just trying to throw me off Tammy, so I stand by my guess.
And I did break my sis's collarbone, so you have 1 more guess. :P

Tammy said...

Dammit, T.

I both adore and hate the idea of a small version of you hiding in a closet hoping to be missed -- your legs drawn up against your chest and held firmly in place by the circle of your thin arms; your chin resting haphazardly atop your tree-scraped knees.


chglass said...

Cookies, yummmm... So I guess Tyson slept in a coffin; the show 'n tell story is still one of my favs! I find the "no corners" food very interesting. Just don't let Deidre get any ideas.

huckabayda said...


About this square corners thing: I can't tell if you're insinuating that I have a tendency toward OCD, or that I'm culinarily creative. As in, "Deidre could even whip up a meal if someone asked her to eschew square-shaped foods!" Or is it, "Expose my daughter to the slightest neurotic tendency and she'll catch right on. She's smart as a whip, that girl!" I can't tell, but I think they might both be compliments.

Thank you?


Tyson said...

Well Charlotte,
I am telling GOD's honest truth when I say I've never slept in a coffin...and that the Show N Tell Story is absolutely true. Just don't tell my mom the next time you see her, she's still embarrassed. :)

Brannon said...

Three Things.

1. I've known Tyson since he was 17 and have never once heard the Show 'n Tell story, or the Eric Clapton Story until now. I'm very suspicious.

2. The glass eye named Carrol made me realize how much I miss Tammy. Brannon and Elaine say HI!

3. I have a psychic connection with a minor league baseball player in Columbus, Ohio who desperatley wants a sex change and resents me because I scold him with shame for no reason when I'm having a bad day.

Tammy said...

Brannon, Brannon, Brannon!

I'm about to email you, honey, so hold tight. :-)

Erin said...

Brannon: I've known Tyson since he was 27 and I've heard the show-and-tell story, like, a hundred times, so I have to figure you somehow share something with a gender-confused baseball player.....hmmm......

Brannon said...

It's a funny story. I just heard it a few days ago and I have already told 3 complete strangers. . . but he couldn't tell me. I'm going to confer with my minor leaguer about this.
Fun game.