Saturday, March 10, 2007

All the Latest

Man, you guys are so awesome for entertaining me and yourselves for two whole weeks between posts! I will definitely have to do something like that again.

Anyway, in the days since we've seen each other last, a few things have happened, the most exciting of which is that last weekend I learned to ski! No kidding!

I understand that some of you are probably a bit skeptical, and understandably so, but I really did a good job. A student-parent at Tyson's school comped our lift tickets and ski rentals at Mt. Charleston last Saturday, then patiently skied down the bunny slope with me all day until I had the hang of things. I can stem my turns now and not fall when getting off the chairlift, and several other very impressive skills. I will need them in a few weeks because we are going to Keystone for spring break. Now I can actually show myself a good time while Ty and Nico go off and tear it up on the black diamonds.

On Thursday, I made Tyson come up to my school for a family night, which was the first time he had ever been to my school. He actually said he was jealous of my classroom, which felt awesome, considering I see 160 more kids a day and teach at the same skill level or lower to my 7th graders as he does for his 4th graders. Yesterday I subbed for a band class during my prep (for about $25, plus karma), and we listened to this thing about Tchaikovsky's life and music and everything, and it made me want to get all my classical stuff back out. I really, really loved Tchaikovsky back in my pre-Tyson, high-school life. It made me realize that I just stopped doing certain things over the past few years that I always thought would stay important forever. The funny thing is that I don't think I've really replaced those things with other stuff. I've really turned into a regular old boring grown-up in a lot of ways.

I'm not actually in the mood to do more than just comment on that right now; while it sounds as though it would offer a great avenue for personal exploration, I am simply in no mood. It's Saturday afternoon, the trees are just about to be all leafy again, and it's 85 degrees outside. Spring is no time for being depressed. Hope you all have a very good weekend, and I will see you for our next Audience Participation Monday.

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huckabayda said...

Mmmm, Tchaikovsky. I find that I long nostalgically for books and taking notes and writing big, long papers that I'd be proud of, the way I did in high school. There's a line on the new Of Montreal album (that I'm addicted to!):

I find myself searching for old selves while speeding forward through the plate glass of maturing cells

Great song! !!!