Sunday, March 18, 2007

Too hot...

I realize that I will not get any sympathy from most of you, especially my faithful readers (2) in the upper, easterly regions of the country, but it is the middle of March, and already it is TOO HOT here. It is 95 degrees at this very moment, 4:30 on Sunday afternoon. Just last week the leaves started coming back to the trees and springtime really got into full stride, and now it's summer already. That sucks. It's shaping up to be a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG, hot one, too, made longer, hotter, and more miserable by the fact that the power supply to our swamp cooler, or possibly the entire unit, is broken. Kaput. Out of commission. The worst part is that now it's too damn hot to get up on the roof and see if we can fix it ourselves. (By "we," of course, I mean Tyson. My a/c repair credentials extend solely to turning it off, replacing the pump, and turning it back on again.)
The nice thing about all this heat was that the icy water of Lake Mojave just below Hoover Dam was really, really nice about this time yesterday when we went kayaking with friends. However, it was hard to enjoy the weather when, nagging at the back of my brain, the thought occurred to me that it is still technically winter and we still have six months until temperatures are consistently tolerable again.


Erica said...

My heart bleeds for you. It is 28 degrees here right now, which feels relatively warm.

We are moving to Eastern Connecticut this summer by the way (95% sure).

huckabayda said...

It was 55 degrees today, and I was walking around without a coat on! I wanted to frolic barefoot through fields of damp grass!