Sunday, October 21, 2007

What passes for entertainment around here

I got up at a reasonable hour this morning to make monkey bread, and while it's in the oven I decided to "clean" by pressing "power" on the Roomba our friends gave us. Okay, so it doesn't get the dog hair up all that great, preferring instead to drag it around for a while and drop it off somewhere, but it does pretty good on all the other crap that makes its way to the floor.

Oh, and damn if it isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen. It just got itself stuck under the dining table, and you could almost see it all distraught about all the places that, being stuck under the table, it was never going to get to clean. Plus it chases the cats all over the house, and that's always lots of fun.

It's a lot like watching a zamboni on the ice rink--it doesn't do much, but for some reason you can't stop watching.

Anyways, my monkey bread is about to be ready.

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Kristen said...

Hope your monkey bread was yummy!