Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Preemptive Sick Day!

The one good precedent set by the Bush administration over the last 7+ years has definitely been the doctrine of preemption. Yesterday I was feeling crummy, but not quite sick, so I put in for a sub day, figuring I could cancel it if I wound up feeling better. When I got up today, I was feeling OK, but the kind of OK you know will start to wear off after about two hours in the vertical. So I'm taking the day off to lay around the house so I don't wind up getting really sick. Take that, germs!

And guess what?

After a nap this morning and a motorcycle ride out to Boulder City, I am feeling much better. Thanks, President Bush!


Tyson said...

While I am glad you are feeling better, I can't BELIEVE you put a picture of that moron on your blog. Using Bush's image, even ironically, has earned you demerits.... Bad girl. BAD!
Even after 7 years I still can't believe that idiot is the president. And worse, more than half of Texas still thinks he's great! It gives me the willies {brrrrr....}

Tammy said...

Bush ISN'T great? God, I feel so disillusioned now...