Monday, February 11, 2008

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1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate
2. Kucinich
3. Obama
7. Clinton
15. Ron Paul
18. McCain
25. Mike Huckabee
26. Newt Gingrich
31. Steven Colbert


Elaine said...

Mine are:
1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate 100%
2. Joseph Biden 64%
3. Hillary Clinton 64%
4. Alan Augustan 56%
5. John Edwards 56%
6. Wesley Clark 56%
7. Barack Obama 55%

That was interesting. I like Biden, Edwards, and Clark all very well. I was for Edwards. I don't favor Clinton. I don't know Augustan. I intend to vote for Obama, hopefully.

Erin's Mom said...

Mine are:
Obama 72%
Kucinich 71%
Clinton 69%
Gore 67%
Clark 67%
Edwards 66%

I've been an Obama fan since the first time I saw him, election night after winning his senate race. I think an Obama/Edwards ticket would be terrific.

Elaine said...

Yep... I could go with that ticket

Tammy said...

Tammy's Top Ten:
1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate
2. Joseph Biden
3. Hillary Clinton
4. Al Gore
5. Dennis Kucinich
6. Alan Augustson
7. Michael Bloomberg
8. Wesley Clark
9. Barack Obama
10.John Edwards

I am not at all surprised by the high ranking for Joe Biden -- as all of you know, I think very highly of Joe Biden. I WAS, however, surprised that Hillary was my #3, as I can honestly say that I'm NOT a fan.

Go Barack!

Brannon said...

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate
2. Barack Obama
3. Dennis Kucinich (withdrawn)
4. Alan Augustson
5. Christopher Dodd
6. Wesley Clark
7. Hillary Clinton
8. Al Gore
9. Joseph Biden
10. John Edwards