Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's to hoping things know how to take care of themselves!

We've ended the lease on our house, and we still don't have jobs anywhere else yet.  We started packing this weekend, and plan to July.

So far, we've had interest from Eagle, Colorado and Idaho Falls.  But if nothing pans out, we're waffling between three cities we think we can just show up in and make things work out.


Pros: We have friends there.  Good friends.  Friends who have offered us the bottom floor of their house or a pasture to pitch a tent camp in until we have jobs.  Liberal.  Full of hippies.  U of Montana.  Good, mild weather.  Small.

Cons: Small.  70K population may be too small to find jobs (especially education jobs with insurance). 

Idaho Falls

Pros: Pretty big.  Cheap (4 bedroom house=$800-$1000/mo.).  Farmy.  A few hours from the Tetons.  Summers hot, but not too hot.

Cons: Pretty vanilla.  The San Antonio to Missoula's Austin.  Close to mountains, but no actual, visible mountains to speak of.  Cold winters.


Pros: Metro area about 600K people.  Lubbock-like weather.  Way cheap housing.  Reputation for liberal politics.  State capital=state jobs.

Cons: Never actually been there.  Have heard it called "consumerist" (although we might not even notice, coming from Vegas).  Pretty far from Rocky Mountains.

So we are still waffling about.  Hopefully, something will come up.  Tyson is going to Idaho Falls in two weeks for a promising-sounding interview, and maybe our path will be illuminated.

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Elaine said...

During my first marriage we head up to Illinois -- no job -- no place to stay -- and almost no money. I was 21 years old, so was he. He had joined the Navy, so I guess technically, he had a job, but he would not be receiving pay for a minimum of 2 months, thus making my employment situation, crucial. Then, after about 6 months, we headed to Philly -- again no job, no place to stay -- and 2500 miles away from and friends or family. On top of that, he was going seaward before "we" actually went to Philly. I had to do it all, all of it, all alone. It's quite ride going straight from good 'ol Lubbock to Philly, at only 21 years old.

It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I give just about anything to be able to drop everything and head to Missoula.