Monday, May 18, 2009

Just to clarify things...

We've gotten a few concerned emails and phone calls since my last post.  We really are not just going to move off with no plan at all.  If we have no teaching jobs by about mid-June, we'll find something--anything--that we can interview/apply for as soon as we get there.  We've got enough savings (for about the first time ever) to make it a few months without jobs.

I love you guys mucho mucho, but seriously it is not my plan to live in a tent in a horse pasture until someone calls to offer me a job.  Don't worry.


booy said...
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Elaine said...

Oh, well THERE'S your problem: you've got enough savings, even if it is the first time ever. If there wasn't savings, you'd have a job yesterday, because you couldn't get along without it. Don't you know, the minute you get savings, something happens, some emergency or situation, that requires you to spend the savings. Really kind of a futile process, in my opinion.

I'd much rather spend irresponsibly on my heart's desire than to spend it on situations and emergencies that come up. Somehow, those things just don't happen when there's no savings.

The IRS works much the same way. You go along, for years, thinking life is grand. You get some money, and suddenly a certified letter arrives telling you how much you owe the IRS. When the money hits the bank, it notifies the IRS. They'd hadn't bothered informing you about this debt because you had no money to pay them. Aren't they great guys! But now that you do have money, there is no point for them to continue to suffer in silence. Ask me how I know these things.

It can all be simplified to this: There is no such thing as extra money.

Savings attracts chaos. They say, "Save for a rainy day." I say, "Save for a rainy day, and then there's sure to be one."