Sunday, September 10, 2006

Motivational Poster Contest announced

Erin's Blog announced today it will sponsor a motivational poster contest for its flagging readership demographic. Recent statistics indicate that no one is bothering to contribute their ideas to the once-popular Internet site, and staff morale is suffering as a result.

Interested participants should follow this link and create their posters using the web-based application. Completed entries should be emailed directly to Erin for posting. Remember to right-click and copy your poster to your hard drive, then attach to your message.

Entries for the First Annual Erin's Blog Motivational Poster Contest must be received by no later than September 30, 2006, to be eligible for the grand prize, awarded the first week of October and probably consisting of an email or possibly a phone call telling you what a great job you did, or if the winner is Tyson I will take you out to dinner or something. (Just a note to other non-Tyson entrants: I will probably do this anyway one night when I am too lazy to cook anything, so, please, no emails re: apparent favoritism or biased judging or anything.)

I am looking forward to seeing your efforts!

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