Saturday, September 02, 2006

Three down, 177 to go....

Whew! I made it through my first week of school! Well, there was a whole week of meetings and stuff beforehand, but the kids finally came back on Wednesday.
Things are looking good so far. Not too many kids spent the summer devising new and exciting ways to make trouble, so I haven't been driven to the edge yet. Although I will say that one of my afternoon classes has 27 boys and 6 girls in it, and I'm already worried about the testosterone bomb that will one day detonate.

Anyhow, I could tell you all sorts of news about our new school-wide discipline plan, or about the unit I'm starting next week, or how not being able to show PG-rated movies is going to put a serious crimp in my movie unit entitled "Introduction to Type Theory," I have a feeling most people's eyes would just glaze over. That's why I'm married to a teacher--so I don't bore my friends to death.

I had intended to check in last week to deliver a couple of movie reviews, but they no longer seem topical, so I'll just say that Snakes on a Plane and Little Miss Sunshine, while very different in style and substance, were both worth seeing, even at $9.50 a ticket. The difference is that Sunshine is worth seeing twice.

So that's it for a little while. I am still working on a little something to generate some audience participation around here. It's a long weekend; I'm sure I'll be back in tomorrow or Monday.

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huckabayda said...

I really liked Little Miss Sunshine, too! Except I got to see it for five bucks--ha! If you'd just spend seven more years getting your BA, you could still cash in on your student discount. Pity.

Snakes on a Plane is still on the list, though. Thanks for the recommendation! Hope your boys don't kill you this fall.