Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mock Shop

I know I am a total dork when after a bureaucracy-filled year including mock attendance audits and mock evacuation drills (I made my students hold on to a rope to stay together and in a line, then put it on the grass and stand with a foot on it to keep them in place, kindergarten-military style), today I will be performing a mock shop at Whole Foods. Every time I go there (which is exactly twice, but Wild Oats is practically the same thing), I wish I were a rich yuppie who could afford to cook exotic things. I've decided that I could just about afford to shop there, as long as I don't buy any more than I plan to cook or eat in a week.

This Sunday on my weekly grocery trip, I refused to shell out 13 bucks for real vanilla extract at the regular grocery store--I know they have better and cheaper at WF--and basmati rice was $7, and 5 little cinnamon sticks were $6. So since I have to make a second grocery run this week, I figured, why not wander around and price-check some stuff.

Oh, and I am also a nerd who doesn't mind a practice run before the "real thing." There's nothing worse than being halfway through grocery shopping when you decide that grocery store sucks.

Update: Actually, what makes me a total dork is that I posted this and re-read it, and couldn't deal with the comma I'd inserted after "dork" in the first sentence, so I had to fix it.


Tyson said...

Yup, that pretty much exactly is why you're a dork... no doubt about it.

Elaine said...

I'm the same way, Erin! Though, B calls it anal.

Tammy said...

That's, really, hysterical, Erin.