Monday, July 03, 2006

I love dorks!

I'll admit it. I get all weak-kneed around science-y boys. Show me a guy who knows as much about random stuff as I do, and I start to feel all mushy inside.

Let's start off with some pertinent examples:

This goober standing in my kitchen teaches science to 4th-graders. He and I are going to open a K-12 private school where we turn gifted, driven kids into dorks like us by teaching them critical reasoning skills so they can wade through the mire of misinformation dissemenated by the media and learn to be active participants in our democratic society. This is probably not the picture we'll put on the prospectus.

Then there's this guy. Aside from the heart-stopping combination of nerdy glasses, receding hairline, and pirate-style earring (doesn't it just scream, "danger!"?), Adam Savage thinks logically about stuff and then blows things up, usually proving in the process that most people are dumb. Adam, I love your intellectual elitism almost as much as your bubble-clad pecs.

I found this link over the weekend, and, despite the grainy photo, I have a total girl-hard-on for this PZ guy. Where he finds the time to make four or five posts a day, I have no idea, but they are all good stuff. I do find I get a little stab of jealousy when I read his oodles and oodles of comments every day, though. I mean, what's his blog got that mine doesn't? Besides focus....and research.....and readers.

Speaking of science-type internet stuff, there is a video here detailing what happens when you mix Mentos and Diet Pepsi, with the accompanying scientific explanation. Contrary to popular opinion, knowing why phenomena operate as they do makes them better, not more boring. Then you can watch this cute British girl try the same thing, with differently entertaining results. I am trying my best to imbed the source code, but my mastery of HTML happened in about the eighth grade when geocities was in its heydey. If all else fails, you can just click here and wait a minute or so.

Interestingly enough, I just caught the very end of a Mythbusters just the other night where they were testing the myth that if you eat poprocks and drink soda your stomach can explode. They figured out it took, like, 2 liters of soda and about 8 tablespoons of baking soda.

That's all I really have for now. In the meantime, try this fun gadget.

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MissPrism said...

To further the stereotype that Britain contains only about 300 people in a village of thatched cottages, I really think I know that girl from somewhere.

Great blog!

Craig McClain said...

O my god, where were girls who like science geeks when I was younger! I had to wait till college and then confuse a poor Southern belle enough to marry me though. Great post and great site...will stop by often. If you like random science facts check out DSN at

dr. dave said...

Thanks for preaching the Dork Gospel... now, get out there an make some converts!

datamonkey said...

I was happily dumbfounded when Glamour magazine declared that it is "in" this year to have a nerdy boyfriend. They qualified this with such inanities as "he can fix your iPod". Hey, I can fix your iPod battery, but the nerd boyfriend can re-program its software while telling you how many other, better mp3 players are out there and where they get their circuits etched. That's cool. He'll go nicely with my oversized sunglasses and Manolos.