Saturday, July 01, 2006

I slay the wyrm!

Besides that, my day was incredibly uneventful. I woke up too late for a lift class I'd intended to go to, so I had a bagel and checked my email before getting ready for yoga. Then, as I was chewing the last bite of my bagel, I felt a wave of "oh god" stomach coming on. You know, where you sit in the bathroom for twenty minutes rocking back and forth, clutching your abdomen and wondering how it could have turned against you so quickly, and muttering "ohgodohgodohgod". So that pretty much killed any plans I had made for contorting myself in a public place. I went back to bed instead.

I got up for good at about 10, then piddled around playing video games, then finally thought of something constructive to do that wouldn't involve much effort at all: downloading avast! and scanning my hard drive.

My computer has been driving me insane because Lime Wire got infected with some sort of ailment that made it keep turning itself on all the time. Like I'd be playing Neverwinter Nights, all trying to put the mojo on some bad guy with my Quarterstaff of Amazingness +3, and Lime Wire would just invite himself over to the party.

To top it all off, my hard drive is as full as my intestines felt this morning. I think I have something like 4% free--not even enough to defragment and get things moving a little faster. The last time this happened I had some kind of virus that kept downloading all sorts of crazy sh*t until it took up all my memory.

Anyway, lucky for me I just found two: Win32 VB-IE (a worm) and Win32 Rbot-Bel (a trojan). My valiant contribution to their demise was just selecting to delete the infected files. I felt like the conquering hero returned from saving the town from a nest of rabid ogres by throwing rocks at them to scare them away. Although from what I read later, the Lime-Wire-Spontaneous-Launching worm is one that can be hard to get rid of, so I felt a little better about it.

That, and Lime Wire is still asleep where I left it. Today is a day of little victories.

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