Sunday, July 01, 2007

In which I enumerate my awesomeness!

Today was a good, if outwardly inauspicious, day.

It was of especial delight because a) I didn't have to share my Sue roll (tuna, shiitake, cucumber, and avocado--yum!), and b) there is probably no sushi in Versoix, so Tyson can be jealous of my doings, for once.

  • I talked to strangers in a public place.

People who know me (and my antisocial proclivities) will know that, for me, this is cool. I talked to the sushi guy (he says "Hi," Tyson), and to the guy at the bar next to me. This was, in fact, way better than Tuesday night, in which I got all dressed up to meet a friend at an actual bar, and did not talk to people or have a good time.

It's called Into the Wild, and there's actually a movie coming out about it.

Where everything is different. It's been remodeled, it's staffed by tattoo-showing people (that was not OK when I worked there; I always had to wear a watch), and they closed at 10. (I spent four years of Friday and Saturday nights there making frappuccinos until midnight.)

I am working my way through the archives. Today I got to May 2005.

Soundly, and all by myself. That is the second car-thing I have fixed on my own this past week, and it was cool.

Tomorrow I am practicing my kayak tie-down skills by taking a sunset/moonlight paddle at Willow Beach. I will probably also do dishes, and vacuum.


Tyson said...

Oh Yeah!?
Well, I climbed a French Alp today, doing a 5 km hike, of which 1.3 of the km were vertical...
My knees won't be forgiving me anytime soon.

Erin said...

Methinks it was probably a Swiss Alp, Captain Geography.

Tyson said...

Youthinks incorrectly, for the south side of Lake Geneva is en France, ma amor.