Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is my period of prolific blog-writing at an end?


Tyson is home, and we have been working like mad to get things done around the house: flooring in the computer room, resolving some tech issues, coordinating various repairs to the van and motorcycle, replacing sucky furniture, and getting ready for Nick to come out in two weeks (!). There's also the matter of school-planning hanging over both our heads, as well as getting last-minute vacations squeezed in somewhere.

All said and done, I have had a lot less time to sit and stare at the computer screen this week.

Which should, in theory, give me more to blog about, but unless you want to hear about how much easier it was to pry the relatively newer tack strip from the floor in the computer room than it was the old crumbly stuff from the bedrooms, it's pretty mundane.

In case you were wondering, though, here is a brief overview of the week so far:
  1. ordered 7 cases of laminate flooring to be picked up in San Diego next week
  2. walked dogs every morning
  3. got up at about 7 every day
  4. got halfway through the first season of Heroes
  5. ordered a 50-foot S video cable
  6. bought a 3-piece recliner sectional from Ashley
  7. tried out Sleep Number beds
  8. brought order to thousands of coiled-up cables in computer room
  9. made quiche, chicken-fried steak, and beef Stroganoff
  10. paid bills
  11. went to the gym
  12. kept on top of kitchen cleaning
  13. did some laundry

See? None of that is very conducive to interesting blogging, even if it is one of my most productive weeks in some time. It's like some kind of Buddhist koan--how is it that a productive outer life begets a dull inner one, and vice-versa?

I'll leave you to think on that one.

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