Friday, July 27, 2007

An Odd Synchronicity

Tyson and I have been obsessively watching Heroes for the last week, usually finding time for an episode or two at least a couple times a day.

So it was odd to see this Cat and Girl today, right after watching Episode 20. (Click on the comic to see a bigger version.)
Want to be in on this obscure pop-culture connection? Watch. Return. Understand. You can download episodes or stream them until August 3rd.


Tammy said...

J, the Peanut, and I watched season one religiously every Monday night. Monday night is also our "breakfast for dinner" night, so now "Heroes" is synonymous in our household with pancakes, french toast, or omelets.

Putting ketchup on your eggs while watching Syler do his thing, however, is highly discouraged.

Tammy said...

Are you and Tyson still coming to Lubbock to pick up Nick?