Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Man Crushes"

Bad Astronomy has lately taken up the topic of man crushes, and, as a woman, I feel sort of left out of the loop, here.

I think the point of a man crush is that it is a strictly platonic male-bonding thing, and I'm sort of jealous that women don't have its equivalent. I think that women, even women who are very close friends, are constantly comparing themselves to one another. Then again, I'm just going off my own experience and 26 years of media exposure.

Plus, I'm worried about my legitimate girl crushes on Adam Savage and Nathan Fillion being that much more competitive, now that there are straight men in the running, as well. I mean, it's difficult enough thinking about all the women and gay men I'd have to beat down for a chance at running my fingers through Adam's short red hair, but the situation begins to look truly hopeless when I then add in all the straight men who "just want to be friends."

Who are your celebrity crushes (platonic or otherwise)? Why?


Erica said...

Hugh Laurie

Erin said...

I actually had to look him up on Wikipedia. The guy from House, right? I think that's all I've ever seen him in. Interestingly, he showed up in the comments at Bad Astronomy, too, so you're not the only one.

Tammy said...

Sam Elliott...because my GOD that man is beautiful.

Tom Selleck...since I was a kindergardener and he was Magnum P.I.

Steve Carell...even when cast as a gay man in "Little Miss Sunshine" I wanted him.

Older men, all. Always older men. Lost my virginity to an older. He was twice my age.

Elaine said...

I had a dream in which I could sleep with Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, and Michael Caine. I settled on Michael Caine first... but then was awakened (as always) before consummation. One of the best dreams ever...