Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Splaving!

I had to get some DVDs shipped from Amazon today, when I saw this ad.

Because the only thing better than shoe shopping is having shoes delivered to your house the next day.

Now I almost have to buy some new cute shoes just to get the shipping discount! (It's a good thing it's 2 days on the wrong side of payday. Tyson made me get rid of the exact pair of shoes that I needed to go with my corduroy pants.)

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Elaine said...

Oh those are cute. Why does Tyson make you get rid of shoes? You could start making him get rid of purple things, if he even still likes purple.

I ordered the PREACHER books from Amazon... or rather B ordered them. Took 2 friggin weeks to get all but one (Vol 7, 8, & 9)... naturally vol 6 came another 2-3 weeks later. So, I had all these PREACHER books laying around that I couldn't read because I was still waiting for #6.

I am reading like a fiend now. Braxton is sick. I am staying home. I anticipate some serious reading. Jesse just found Tulip... and discovered the truth about Cassidy. Hmmmm, I think there's an ass whupin' on the horison.