Monday, September 10, 2007

It's weird when external events synchronize themselves with my regular life.

After reading all 966 pages of Questionable Content in the last 30 or so hours, it was amusing to see this headline over at The Onion today. Plus I heard a review of some weird indie-electronica band called Battles--a band that, within fifteen minutes of hearing about for the first time on NPR, was featured in Jeph's newscolumn for one of the hundred or so strips I read. Am I destined to become a sassy, post-college, indie-person? Or are the stars just aligning really weirdly today?

Anywho, that comic really, really makes me want to learn Illustrator. Anybody have a copy laying around they want to mail me? With maybe a really detailed book on how to use it? (Then I'll have a great excuse to go Mac, too! And when I am finally a famous webcomics writer, I will dedicate a book to you or something.)

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