Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still working on that comic....

Okay, so when I say "I'm working on it," it's the same way I spend Saturday mornings "working on laundry" by playing Sims (yes, still, I know), or the way I was "working on" all those term papers in college by just thinking about them a lot until a day or so before the due date.

(All those papers, by the way, kicked ass, so procrastination and quality are not necessarily mutually exclusive.)

But anyway, I guess I'm just popping my head in to say a lot of nothing. I have work stuff more under control than usual, and am almost at a loss of what to do with myself, and I felt like checking in just to hear myself talk, I guess. Umm....I took a tutoring job for the month of October where I do something, I don't know what yet, to get juniors and seniors to pass the proficiency test by having four-times-a-week sessions for the three weeks before exams. But I can do them on Saturdays, too, so that's pretty good, and I get paid (in money and brownie points!), and, since I know almost nothing about these tests, I'm sure there's something I can learn and use in my regular classes.

Anyhow, my week is boring. Tyson is in Carson City for their field trip today, the one where the parents buy lots of sugary snacks in the Reno airport at 6 in the evening after being gone all day and the kids bounce off the walls for the entire flight home, then fall asleep in their parents' SUVs on the way home (can't say that's the kind of excitement I really want in my week, actually). There was a parent night on Tuesday where I met some student-parents of my own, and my boss pitched this tutoring thing at me, like, while I was teaching a class, so that, at least, was interesting, if not in the fun-interesting sort of way. Also on Tuesday, the autism teacher in the room next door to me got beat up by a tantrum-having kid he was trying to restrain. (The noise accompanying those tantrums seems to be a regular part of my week, particularly when I am giving a quiz or doing something involving lots of silence, like a discussion.)

I also am hungry for some cookies.

That pretty much brings you up to speed on my boring week. You know what would make it less boring for me? More comics ideas.

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Ancient Mariner said...

There is nothing at all wrong with playing the sims, I love that game. I have to confess though, it was ruined for me when I discovered ways to cheat. I find myself making lawn gnomes all day long in a feeble attempt not to type "rosebud"

If you get too bored you could always illustrate my children's book for me. Tammy has promised to do it for years, but somehow has never gotten around to'd think she was busy or something.

Have fun with the sims. If you should get bored, try Zoo Tycoon. Michael and I love it.