Sunday, September 30, 2007

One last September post...

So the weekend is winding down, and, due to a frustratingly-timed cable outage, I have to wait until 9 to catch the finale of Rock of Love, and my hand hurts too much to play any more Guitar Hero, so I figured I'd put up an update.

Here is a hodgepodge of all sorts of goings-on: I am behind on grading but will have plenty of time to catch up tomorrow. We got 2 new English teachers, so about 10 or so of my juniors will be levelled (they got to pick, so it will be the kids who hate me and want to leave anyway). Last week was a swim meet weekend, and there's another coming up in two weeks (the same weekend as the Renaissance Fair, one of my favorite weekends of the year). Somebody flipped the fall switch this week and it's cool outside now. I made white chili, one of my very favorite foods, tonight.

Anyways, we have enough time to put away an episode of Lost, then my trashy reality show. 'Nite.


Elaine said...

Yes, the fall switch has been flipped. Isn't it nice.

I know not what white chili is. I would love to learn.

Congratulations on loosing the students who hate you. A true gift.

Deidre said...

I'm sorry I've been absent from your blog for so long! I thought I'd make a special effort to comment on a particularly mundane post to make it up to you.

For the record, here's my yesterday's hodgepodge: I practiced this dumb piece I'm being forced to play against my will; I was the choir on the receiving end of an angry sermon given by our orchestra conductor on our first day of rehearsal; I rehearsed with a group that's touring to New York Freaking City to play with real, live, professional dancers; I was recruited last-minute for a wedding gig; I made roasted acorn squash stuffed with mushroom rice; someone flipped the Fall switch back to Summer for an afternoon; I made cupcakes and decorated them with candy to make them look like monsters.