Thursday, June 21, 2007

Attention, Kooks!

Apparently, the way to get whatever you want is simply to threaten the safety of children. When people see that their available choices are to a) shut down extracurricular programs with the potential to get kids interested in learning or b) face public criticism when said kids are bombed by Christian fundamentalists, it really sets people's priorities straight.

That's just f*cking sad. It's not enough that kids are raised by fundies themselves, but even children of parents sane and rational enough to allow them to, I don't know, practice yoga or giggle over horoscopes get things taken away from them by these crazies.

What's really sad is that the library's decision to acquiesce and close the summer program is indicative of broader relations between the political right and left. The tacit assumption has always been that the left is "better than that," which means that, yeah, we as a nation were pretty pissed when Dubya lied about WMDs in Iraq, but we were really, really upset when Clinton lied about a certain blowjob he received. We expect people on the right to do what they do. The left is supposed to value the means more than the ends, so we've got this higher standard to live up to.

The whole situation reduces to the same schoolyard politics most of us grew up with: bullies continue to get away with their egregious behavior, while the good kid who fights back is the one suspended.

It makes me want to go back to bed.


Elaine said...

Well that's sad, on so many levels.

I abhor censorship. I do however, believe in people's right to peaceably assemble. (Yes, I know I split my infinitive for the grammar natzis out there.) But on the other, even a peaceful assembly with signs would be more than most would want to expose to young children who would have to endure it just to check out books.

I can't believe people would resort to violence over something like this. I am tired of "Christians" behaving this way. I wish they would read the Bible and sincerely consider the principles they avow.

If people disagree with something, why can't they talk openly. What happened to dialogue?

And finally, when one disapproves of an activity for his/her child, I find the word "No" works remarkably well. I don't want to raise my children to feel they must always do what others do. Saying "No" shows my children I am able to do one thing while others do something else. One needn't make trouble.

Tammy said...

Once again, my faith in "those of faith" is twisted, tainted, and onscured. Religious fanaticism will be the very end of us all.

Tammy said...

Um, obscured.

Elaine said...

On the other hand, which by now I am having to borrow someone else's hands because I have run out...

Hypocrites abound everywhere you look. Had the library offered anything on the Bible, Moses, etc. the left-slanted atheists would have jumped up and screamed of violations to their rights and separation of church and state. Meanwhile, as long as the religion (or religious activity) in question does not involve the Judeo-Christian god the left is fine with it. Separation of church and state isn't just about the religion(s) one doesn't like... it's about all of them. Leaving me to believe that atheism (at least in our culture) is often more about not believing in and rebelling against the Judeo-Christian god than true atheism. I would extend the Judeo-Christian god model to Islam too since it is the same monotheistic god, i.e. Abrahamic religions.

I do get angry with professing Christians who make bomb threats and otherwise behave poorly. But I am no less angered by their moronic behavor than that of other tunnelled vision groups such as the aforementioned.

Please don't take this wrongly. I truly have nothing against sincere atheists. Afterall, I did marry one. Sincere and thoughtful atheism is a legitimate interpretation of the spiritual realm deserving the same respect as any other interpretation. I have known many atheists I have deeply respected. They scream about civil rights violations about as often as sincere Christians threaten to blow up something. We would all do better being more tolerant and accepting of differences.

Tyson said...

Damn Erin, I somehow missed reading this post. I'm quite glad we don't liv in SC.
And your stealthy use of the word "egregious" makes me hot. :)

Erin said...

That's why I do what I do, baby!