Monday, June 25, 2007

It's not all bad...

There are some upshots, I'm finding, to Tyson being 9 time zones across the Atlantic. Here are a few that I've found:
  1. I get the dishes washed right after I get them dirty, or I can just rinse off the ones from earlier. Hell, they're my germs anyway.
  2. I can wear the same clothes three days in a row and nobody notices.
  3. Less laundry to wash (in conjunction with #2).
  4. I can leave clean laundry on the other side of the bed when I go to sleep.
  5. Pity points with friends. Free lunches and movies and stuff.
  6. I can leave the TV on all day, tuned to whatever I want, and I don't have to be watching it to keep "driving privileges."
  7. I can play on two computers at once.
  8. I'm forced to figure out how to do some things on my own, like hook up computer stuff and replace car headlamps.
  9. I'm not hampering anybody's schedule if I go to bed at 8:30, take 3-hour naps, or wake up at 6.
  10. I can vacuum at 6 a.m. and not wake anybody up.
  11. When I IM Tyson in the morning, it's already, like, 5 or 6 p.m. there, so I can see whether the day is going to go okay or not.
  12. I can keep the bedroom as cold as I want at night.
  13. I get to pick which side of the bed to sleep on--as long as there's no laundry sitting there (just in case my side gets too cold).
  14. I can watch tv and practice guitar at the same time. (See #6)
  15. I finally solved the mystery of who doesn't rinse their cereal bowls. (hint: It isn't me!)

That's not to say there aren't many, many things I miss, but being sappy is just so trite. Some of the less-smarmy things I'm sorry to be doing without are:

  1. punches in the butt
  2. punches in the porcupine
  3. a lap to lay across on our God-awfully uncomfortable couch
  4. sex


Tammy said...

Um, when you say "punches in the porcupine", you ARE referring to your tattoo...right?

Brannon said...

I'm glad tammy asked first. A punch is a punch right? and a porcupine is a porcupine right? Ouch.

DBB said...

Sorry, curiosity always gets the better of me - what do you mean by "punches in the porcupine?"

Erin said...

Sorry, that seems to have been confusing for all the non-Tyson people out there. The porcupine is a tattoo of a porcupine on my left arm. Tyson gives it a punch in the face now and then. We joke that it hides the bruises.

Don't call WPS, really, nobody gets hurt but the porcupine.

DBB said...

Does the porcupine have a name?

Erin said...

Percival. Percival the Porcupine. (If you saw him, you'd get it. He's kind of effeminate-looking, for a tattoo representation of a porcupine.)