Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Audience Participation Monday You've All Been Waiting For

Today's APM comes directly from the editors at Glamour magazine, which I was forced to read for 55 minutes while I sat under the dryer turning my hair pink. Actually, I heard some similar stuff on NPR this morning, so I think that serves to legitimize this week's activity just a bit.

As we all know, by virtue of being teachers, or married to teachers, or students, or parents of students, graduation season is winding to a close. Graduation is often a time for gifts, and the one gift that everybody wants to give but no new graduate ever wants to receive is advice. (Hint: Graduates want money. Lots of money. And possibly new cars, but it's best to just give them the money for that, too.)

So in keeping with graduation season, tell us,

What is the best or worst advice you've ever gotten? Explain, if necessary.


Elaine said...

Some of the best advice I know is:

Shopping for men is like shopping for groceries; never go shopping when you are hungry because you will pick up anything.

Elaine said...

Probably true for guys looking for women, now that I think about it.

By they way, Erin, I just noticed your hair matches your blog! :)

Erin said...

Mark Twain said, "Beware of any endeavor requiring new shoes." I like that one, but I always stick around just long enough to get the new shoes.

Tammy said...

"Sweetheart, nobody ever got anything good by being afraid all the time."

Words of infinite wisdom and truth, spoken by an old man at Six Flags, who was waiting in line to ride the Texas Giant with his granddaughter.

She was terrified and did not want to ride -- told him over and over that she was too scared. And that's when he said it...

"Sweetheart, nobody ever got anything good by being afraid all the time."

I have repeated that phrase, been inspired by that phrase, tried to live by that phrase, as often as possible ever since.

Sometimes I do better than others.

Billyfish said...

Worst advice..."Just pour some gasoline on it"

Best advice..."Drop and roll, drop and roll."