Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For Elaine, a video:

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Elaine said...

OH! Fuck. So much for my relaxing day rowing, all shot to hell now.

Hillary and/or McCain... not good for women's health.

I do like many things about McCain (no, not voting for him), but grrrr. I'm all twitchy now.

I can not believe anyone, ANYONE, would vote for insurance companies not to pay for birth control pills. But, I have to say, I am not worried. This is a "self-righting" situation. The insurance companies can either pay for birth control including pills, tubal ligation, and vasectomy, OR... (hee hee hee) they can pay for babies. Guess which one is cheaper.

One of the people I knew in therapy had a very troubled pregnancy, etc. She and her husband decided one was enough, and requested a vasectomy. Their insurance company had to "review" the request. In the mean time, she got pregnant, with twins, another difficult pregnancy, resulting in premature twin birth. The sad part is, her twins had all kinds of physical and mental disabilities. They will be institutionalized during their adulthood, and the insurance company gets to pay for that too! They were in therapy with D. She and her husband requested a vasectomy, again. The insurance company overnighted all the authorizations and told them the would pay 100% of the procedure, doc and facility of their choice, in or out of network. In general, the insurance companies have learned not to go cheap on the birth control.

Thanks for thinking about me!