Thursday, June 19, 2008

That's What I Just Said!

Some bigshot (I initially typed "bogshit"--twice!--how's that for a Freudian slip?) over at the Chicago Trib just had to add his two cents to my reminiscing about summertime and cheap(er) gas prices. 

So fucking original, dude.


Elaine said...

That was a very nice read. Thank you. I liked the part about how "people who are not real to us are a danger to us." Yes, maybe the end of an era, an era now to be romanticized into the pages of history, legend, and folklore, but the beginning of a new one. Who knows, maybe we will all begin creating backpacking clubs to hike across the U.S. That would be cool, and definite improvement from my perspective anyway.

Erin said...

I completely agree. If I'd felt like being actually creative and coherent this morning, I would have gone off on my diatribe about how what's really going to be the downfall of civilization isn't unwed mothers or the welfare state or gay marriage, but the increasing lack of human connection in our society. Don't get me wrong--I HATE talking to people when I could use an ATM/self-checkout/website/whatever instead, especially when I'm at the grocery store at 1 a.m. buying tampons and ice cream--but I do realize while I'm doing it that it's a habit that's ultimately destructive to the human race.

I will save the rest of it for a post later.

Elaine said...

Always give the woman buying tampons and ice cream at 1 a.m. a wide birth. She is a very real threat indeed.

Tammy said...

Lol Elaine -- is it because she's carrying an "oozy"?