Thursday, June 19, 2008

How did I miss this??

Oh, man!  Can anybody spot me, like, 400 bucks?

The Amaz!ng Meeting is in town this weekend, featuring 2 of my favorite internet boyfriends:

Yes, that's Adam Savage and PZ Myers.

For those of you who don't know, the James Randi Educational Foundation (sponsors) is the one offering the million-dollar prize for verifiable evidence of any paranormal or supernatural event.  Thousands of hot, sexy rationalists are affiliated with the JREF, and they and their fans will be taking over the Flamingo for the weekend.  I'm sure all the dealers in the casino are thrilled to have a bunch of intellectuals roaming around, scoffing at all the rubes who bet red because it's "due" or yell at the guy next to them at the blackjack table for "taking" their cards.

Locals Penn and Teller will be there too, but their show has been vitriolic and sucky lately ("Lesbians on a blind date prove the 0-60 on the Prius is awful; therefore, alternative fuel is a left-wing lie."), so I won't be sorry to miss them.  [Interestingly enough, Penn used to visit my Starbucks pretty often.  Don't ask me how I remember these things, but he used to get a venti iced coffee with vanilla and lots of room.  And he is REALLY tall.  And his daughter's middle name is Crimefighter, he said on NPR.  Really, I am not a stalker, not even a fan (but I would still totally name my kid Moxie Crimefighter).]

As much as I really, REALLY want to go shamelessly throw myself at Adam from Mythbusters, registration is RIDICULOUS.  I guess real rationalists are supposed to be smart enough not to have student loans or multiple high-interest credit cards.


DBB said...

Wow, I'm jealous that you even have the option to go if you had the money - I probably couldn't go regardless of money - not that I have $400 burning a hole in my pocket!

I still like P&T Bullshit! - the main thing I got from the hybrid show was that they don't really save all that much gas, relatively speaking. Though it wasn't one of my favorite episodes.

I love Mythbusters! I'm still disappointed that the sun death-ray didn't work!

Elaine said...

I have to admit, that is pretty sexy picture of Adam Savage. I think he's hot too. Every time I come to your blog to see if you have posted something new, I am pleasantly surprised. Now, I am torn. Yes, I like it when you post new and cool things, but that picture is just too great.