Sunday, June 01, 2008

Moving sale... everything must go!

I did some re-arranging today. First, I removed all work-related names from my blog, and I moved a few posts to Echoes. I also made both blogs public again. the new address is .
So tell the masses.


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Elaine said...

I am actually about to be doing the same thing. I really enjoy having my blog available to me for venting, though.

I did a search using my eldest son's name and my youngest son's name together and Erin's blog came up, Billyfish, and I think Tammy, too. "AAACK!" said I. I have to change my ways. I was none too happy to see how easy it was to find me just by knowing my children's names. I am considering the codes I will be using in the future as we speak. Any of the afore mentioned blogs feeling generous, could back and eliminate my comments.