Sunday, June 15, 2008

Off the couch, and out of the bathroom

You can tell just how unexciting my travel-free summer has been so far as soon as we start diving into the subject matter of today's post:

A bladder infection!!!

Yes, the biggest, most interesting thing to happen since I last posted was that I spent a total of about three hours in the can today, and about six more sitting at my computer or on the couch furiously jiggling my knee and repeating "I will not wet my pants I will not wet my pants."

It was seriously the worst one of these I have ever had.  You should have seen the chunks of bladder-flesh that left my body today.  But, thanks to the miracle in a box that is phenazopyridine hydrochloride, I actually sat through a whole movie without a trip to the bathroom (plus, my pee is a psychedelic red-orange--fun, huh?).

So I haven't actually left the house since Friday, and I am looking forward to getting up early and dashing up to school to get some stuff to work on while we host a national debate tournament and I'll be toiling away off-campus all week, although I freely admit the reason I didn't go anywhere yesterday was that I just felt like being a total scrub, not that I couldn't risk being 30 seconds from a bathroom.

I hope everyone else is finishing up a much more productive (and less painful in the pants area) weekend.  Happy Fathers' Day to my dad, Tyson, Bob, John, Brannon, J, DBB, Michael, and anyone else I've forgotten!

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Elaine said...

Hey, I am spending about that much time in the bathroom too. Possible reasons:

1). Bladder infection, though I'm not in pain, just going a lot, so kind of unlikely;

2). Increase in water intake. Since I am drinking a lot more water and that increases output without causing pain, this could be a cause, but doesn't explain the extra peeing when I don't drink extra water;

3). And finally, pregnant. This one also increases output without causing urinary pain, and it explains the extra peeing even when I haven't been drinking extra water. This explanation however, will bring with it many more unpleasant side affects.