Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HTML is making me crazy

I feel like hurting someone.

I inserted some nifty code recently so I could divide my posts like you see here.  I thought it would be nice to put that whole long copy-pasted entry  below the fold, so to speak, to make scrolling through the page easier.  Unfortunately, my new code uses the "span" designation, which is also what Blogger defaults to whenever you, you know, DO ANYTHING, like hit enter or change the text color or anything else.  It was really driving me crazy.  That last post took me about an hour and a half of picking through all the damn tags that kept getting added every time I checked my work.  Finally I just gave up.  Does anyone (Brannon?) know if there is a way to bypass Blogger's HTML editor if I want to write all my own code once in a while?

On the bright side, this post was relatively straightforward.


Elaine said...

Other than the word "Brannon," most of your post was indiscernible to me. But, what you did was sort of cool, except the sorting through tags for over an hour. That part must have sucked.

Brannon said...

When it comes to customization, Blogger sucks. I refuse to spend so much time screwing with code for so little result.
I pay 10 bucks a month for my domain and I get a lot more creative freedom. If only Blogger would honor its promise when I set it to redirect to my site. . .