Monday, April 14, 2008

Dickensian Literary Technique Comics!

An epistrophe is a literary technique that some English professor with too much time on their hands or a doctoral thesis due the next day just made up. It's the opposite of an anaphora, an equally worthless tidbit of information you would need to ace the AP Lit exam, but at no other time in your life. Ever. Except maybe if you go on JEOPARDY! and you get the Literary Criticism category.


Tyson said...

You are SUCH a goober!

Elaine said...

Are you sure epistrophes and anaphoras are just for professors and PhD candidates with too much time on their hands?

Erin said...

And my Honors Freshmen, apparently, but don't let them find out.

Then again, that's a pretty elite group to be a part of. Not just anybody gets to learn about epistrophes and anaphoras.