Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm Pre-Approved!

I got an email back from the head of the New Teacher Training Cadre informing me that I can interview for the position I applied for, even though I'm short of the requisite 3 years of teaching experience needed. Okay, it's not a huge deal, it really just comes down to three extra Saturdays and a couple of weeknights a year, but I will be training teachers new to CCSD in one of our professional domains....

Okay, that makes it sound mind-numbingly boring, but if you look at it as an opportunity to effect grassroots change in our school district, it is much more exciting. Ask Tyson. He's doing his whole doctoral study on teacher training and retention.


Tammy said...

That's really groovy, E! You inspire...

Elaine said...

How can you have less years experience than me?? That can't be possible.

Congratulations!! Woot!

I am trying for a similar position... they want 3 years experience, which I have and a master's, which I have half of?? I am getting the exact degree they are seeking. The job is part time. It has been available for several months now. I am thinking most people with a master's don't want to earn half of what they are currently earning. I however, don't mind earning half because my husband got a great new job with more money... AND, AND, AND... he got a promotion today for even more money. WOOT WOOT Brannon!!

Regardless of all that... I want to stay home more while the kids are still young... and go for the PhD... so part time is grand for me. Wish me luck, and maybe they won't be sticklers about that master's degree actually being, you know, complete.

And no, your job does not sound boring! It sounds great... just the thing for you! Will you start this summer or this fall? Do you get a raise?

E said...

This is, technically, only my second full year of teaching. I just graduated in December '06.

Tyson and I just got into a big discussion with a friend of ours over the gray area that is "job requirements." His argument was that an in-progress grad degree was just as valuable as a completed one, plus he mentioned trying to leverage the $ to pay for it, as well.

The Cadre position would, I think, train in the summer and start in the fall. It's more an add-on than an actual, you know, job. In fact, "possible stipend" was actually at the bottom of the position's list of benefits. But I want it on my resume, and I really do believe teacher training is what makes the difference in student achievement.

Plus I stole a whole bucketful of great ideas last year in the district's Urban Teacher Learning Community.

Tyson said...

Man, now some teacher's walkin' around going "Where that damn bucket at?"
Nice going, you thief.

Tammy said...

W00T! for Brannon... doing my happy dance.

Elaine said...

I agree... quality teacher training is essential to student success.

I am not certain that AISD (get this!!) will pay any more for my grad degree than they are already paying. Yep... I am on an AISD scholarship even though I am not a teacher in their district. Maybe the fact that they are already investing in me will influence their hiring decisions. HA!

huckabayda said...

Congrats! I'm the queen of the apparently-boring-though-truly-exciting announcement. Like, for example, this one:

At this very moment, I'm experiencing my first actual free hour to myself in the last 60 hours. I will be taking a nap.