Saturday, April 19, 2008

On the radio today, the DJ, looking out for my best interest, I'm sure, pointed out that TOMORROW is the biggest day of the year: April 20th, better known as 420.

As far as I can tell, nobody actually knows where these numbers come from. Some people swear it's some famous stoner's birthday, or the day they died, or the first time they ever smoked pot, or something like that. Others will threaten to harsh your mellow if you don't concede that 420 is some city's drug-related ordinance number. However it came about, everybody on April 20th at precisely 4:20 (PM, although you know it would have to be AM to actually make sense, and don't get me started on how it's not really symbolic of anything when it happens 24 different times that day.) everybody smokes their brains out.

Like stoners need some kind of "holiday" or something to want to get high.

To celebrate that holy day, our local head shop/tattoo parlor is hosting a "bake sale." (Don't get me started on that either--it's basically the tattoo equivalent of McDonalds, and it's called--get this--Diversity. 'Cause that little heart with angel wings you want tattooed above your ass will really set you apart from everybody else.) There will be fun activities like bong-building contests, baked goods, a stringy-hair expo, and slouching on a sofa and saying "whoa."

Oh, and Great Harvest (Christian) Bread Company is the chief sponsor.

What the fuck?!


Michael said...

I'm mystified by the entire "pot culture".

If you wanna go get high, fine.

Just don't be so fucking over the top about it. It's like 20 homophobic guys having a sweaty, shirtless football game where they slap each others asses and then pretend not to be gay.

( I just realized that the metaphor might not make sense )

The problem I have with the whole pot culture thing is all the tongue-in-cheek bullshit, all the stoners who claim to be Buddhists and their collective inability to admit that they just like getting high and it isn't anything any more than just that.

If you wanna smoke pot, awesome. I've always said I'd rather be around high people than drunk people.

Stop acting like a 13 year old the first time he gets drunk and wants to tell all his friends about it.

Just, well......shut the fuck up and go smoke a joint, if that's what you want to do.

And turn off the Phish record, that shit is TERRIBLE.

Tammy said...

YES! You dare to speak the TRUTH about Phish! I knew I liked you...

Tammy said...

An ad campaign:

Great Harvest Bread Company: Getting Baked With Jesus Since 1973

Elaine said...

Yes, I like the fucktards (the OED will need to be updated, thanks to Erin) who claim it's herbal, and it cleanses the lungs, etc. I have heard about 50 versions of the idiotic herbal slant.

And as for Christians sponsoring it, well most (if not all of them) are probably clueless, I'm sad to say. Here are a couple of cases point:

1). A church (I don't remember which one) in Lubbock sponsored Craven Morehead to play for a youth event, proudly advertising "Our youth are faithful fans of Craven Morehead." With date of appearance below.

2). MLF. Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a Christian group of typically clueless women here in our grand town of Austin getting together to feed the homeless. I mean really, need I comment further?

Tyson said...

Craven Moorehead and the Milfs...
Maybe there IS a god after all!