Sunday, April 27, 2008

New laptop woohoo!

I was minding my own business in the kitchen yesterday, making linguine with clam sauce and hot fudge pudding cake, when Tyson comes in with a NEW LAPTOP for me!

Okay, it's an old IBM ThinkPad his school was tired of using as a doorstop, but it has a working OS (would that be an operating operating system?) and a SOUND CARD, which I have not had in several years now.  It also has some fancy-schmancy docking station so I can pile a whole bunch of peripherals on my desk and not have to mess with reconnecting them when I want to puck up my computer and take it with me.  Finally, despite being a year or so older than my Dell, it is about 3/4 the weight and has a little smaller profile (it still won't fit in a manilla envelope like the MacBook Air, but whatever), so I can actually use it as a mobile computing device rather than just sitting it on my desk and only taking it somewhere when it's really worth it to lug 10 pounds of computer around.

Suffice to say, I am extremely excited about this.  Now I just have to put all my old junk--Quicken files, a bunch of folders of old school things I'm not ready to sort through and delete, my photo albums, etc, back on this system (everything's spread between 2 flash drives, Tyson's desktop, and the laptop in the living room).

Oh, and did I mention I can listen to things now because the sound card isn't melted into slag?  Yaay!


Elaine said...


huckabayda said...

Jealous! I wish someone would surprise me in the kitchen with something other than a phone call going something like this: "Hey, do you have food in your fridge and are you cooking it right now?"

Especially if it were a laptop that might replace the Dell desktop computer I've been using since junior year of high school. Although it has enormous sentimental value (it is my first computer) that does not overbalance the fact that it costs $200 to ship, which is more than it would be worth in melted down parts.


Michael said...

If someone would show up in my kitchen with a new battery for a G4 12" Powerbook, I'd be equally excited.

My cats, however, would be crushed that they could no longer make whoever was using the computer yell "FUCK!" by running across the coffee table and unplugging it.