Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elaine's Rowing, I'm Crowing!

And my reputation is growing!

So I got pulled aside today for a closed-door meeting with my admin (always a little scary!) but what really happened was he told me I am all set to be the program coordinator for those block classes we're doing next year.  He made it sound like I would be essentially an uncompensated argument-settler and work-deligator, which I was happy to be asked to do, even if it didn't have a job title or pay package.  When there's something big that needs to be figured out, I have a lot of trouble with uncertainty where I have no authority to actually do anything about it.  Plus, I'll have someone to back me up when I come across as steamrollering over someone who's not being assertive enough (or just plain has a no-good idea).  Man, am I a controlling bitch or what?

But THEN as I was walking out of his office, my principal stopped me and gave me the same news, except that I would actually be getting a job title (Program Coordinator, with initial capitals) AND a prep buyout if there's money to do it (and there probably would be after count day in October).  What does that mean?  Only an additional 1/7th of my salary!  Well, and the expectation of doing a hell of a lot more work than with the informal title, but being compensated for an extra hour of work a day means I can focus on actually getting it done right rather than trying to cram it in somewhere in between other crap, all the while feeling like I'm done and should be going home.

So anyway, sorry if you have been having a lousy month or something and are continually being subjected to my telling you how great I am, but if that's the case, you've probably stopped reading my blog lately.

Don't worry; soon it will be summer and I will be back to being angsty and restless again and you can stop listening to me brag all the time.


huckabayda said...

No shit! That's so excellent! Congratulations! Doesn't it feel good to realize that someone has all along seen your capacity for bossiness and NOT considered it a threat? And after only your first year at the school? That's totally badass, Erin!

Elaine said...

Please tell me that you got an extra planning period to go along with the pay and the title.

Good job!! Way to go!

Erin said...

Well, no. Since it's a prep buyout, they would be compensating me as though I were teaching an additional class, expecting me to put in a class period's worth of work each day. An extra prep means giving up that honors AmLit class!

DBB said...

Congratulations! Drinks are on you! ;)

Elaine said...

Sucker... ;)